Online Program Costs

LSUA has some of the lowest cost programs in Louisiana and also has a comprehensive transfer policy to ensure students receive the most credit allowable for their prior educational work.

Students declared in the 100% online accelerated programs (all courses in 7-week cycles) are eligible for the online rates listed below. The tuition and required fees results in a cost of approximately $325 per credit hour

Please see the note below the chart regarding proctored exams in some classes.

All courses in 100% online degree programs carry the same cost of $325 per credit hour (including tuition and fees)

Tuition cost is $267 per credit hour

Specific fee costs show below.

Additional Fees

  • $20 Application Fee. One time only.
  • Course Fee:
    • $50 per course. Online Program Fee. The Online Program fee is used for funding services directly related to the online programs including online tutoring, academic assistants, faculty training, and course development. 
  • Per Credit Hour Fees:
    • $10/credit hour: Academic Excellence Fee
    • $14/credit hour: Student Excellence Fee
    • $  5/credit hour: Technology Fee
    • $12/credit hour: Athletic Fee


  • Additional fees may apply for proctored exams in specific classes. Textbooks or access to publisher sites are not included in the above fees.  Cost information is available at the time of registration. LSUA reserves the right to increase fees at any time


Proctoring Fees

Proctoring Fees Information


For additional information on programs, visit the Online Programs page.

Please note: Students declared in 100% online accelerated degree programs are not eligible for institutional scholarships due to the reduced tuition for those programs.