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Digital versions of catalogs from Academic Year 2004-2005 to Academic Year 2018-2019 are provided here for former and current students who wish to consult the catalog of record during any year of their enrollment at the university. Each catalog is a PDF of the entire contents of the original printed catalog and includes a complete list of the courses of instruction available to students during the year of the catalog’s publication and the complete requirements for each degree offered during that year.

Print copies of catalogs, including those prior to Academic Year 2004-2005, are stored in the archive room at James C. Bolton Library on the university campus. If you wish to consult a printed catalog that is not available in digital form this webpage, please contact the university archivist at (318) 619-2960 or email

If you have questions about the information published in the current or any prior catalog, please call the Office of the Registrar at 318-473-6424 or email