The Career Center recognizes the important role that faculty have in championing students to be both knowledgeable and career ready. Faculty expertise and connections are critical to the success of career services. In a C2C (Curriculum-to-Career) model, Faculty inspire others by setting high standards of excellence and reinforcing career readiness competencies toward a C2C (Curriculum-to-Career) model. Successful career-related learning outcomes are achieved through the expertise of faculty. The Career Leadership Collective shares their top 10 faculty strategies for engaging students in C2C learning as career champions: 

  1. Have former students present about their internships (5 minutes before/after class). 
  2. Offer to review students’ resumes and offer feedback (takes about 10 minutes/student and can be done over email). 
  3. Put on very informal resume workshops (get the Career Center and experienced students to volunteer. 
  4. Give extra credit in class for students who submit their resume and improve them throughout the semester. 
  5. Plan projects and exams to not interfere with the career fair or other large career center hiring/recruiting events. 
  6. Talk occasionally in class about the importance of internships and early career preparation. 
  7. Help arrange networking opportunities between students and employers. 
  8. Advocate for your students and recommend them to employers. 
  9. Build relationships with students and ask for their help when they become alumni.
  10. If you find yourself spread too thin (as I’m sure we all do), leverage the career center, experienced students, student groups, and alumni to help.

As career champions, faculty provide the experiential learning opportunities, discipline expertise, standards of professional etiquette, and networking opportunities that connect our classrooms to career success!