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Here at the Oaks Apartments, we focus on providing quality housing facilities that meet the varied needs of all our students, while keeping our pricing affordable and easy to understand. Here at the Oaks, we are committed to transparent pricing, telling you what you are paying for with no hidden fees and minimal extra costs. The following information provided is for our 2023-2024 Academic Year contract. This is a nine-month contract, August–May. Please review the dropdown boxes below for more information about Spring Semester contracts and Summer Semester contracts.

2023-2024 Academic Year Contract (August-May)
Almost every student who stays with us is on our nine-month contract that begins in August and lasts until May. Offered for your convenience, this contract perfectly matches our academic year, allowing students to move in before classes start and stay until their finals are over!

What You’ll Pay:

  • $75 Application Fee: Covers costs associated with processing your application.
    • This is due at the submission of your application.
  • $100 Room Reservation Fee: Due at the signing of your contract, this fee signifies your intention to live on campus and ensures your room assignment at the Oaks.
    • This fee is added to your student balance and paid through Accounting.
  • $25 Activity Fee: Paid once a semester, every cent of this fee is used toward that semester’s direct residential experience, through programs, activities, and initiatives. This past year included a Superbowl Party, a Pool Party, a Karaoke Night, a Finals Week Iced Coffee Bar, and a Graduate Recognition event.

To ensure students can apply their Financial Aid toward their Housing bill as needed, rent is charged at the beginning of each semester. Your rental rate is dependent on your room cost. For your convenience, we have also included a “Rent per Month Comparison,” as many people appreciate comparing our price to monthly bills.

2023- 2024 Pricing (9-month contract: August-May)*

Apartment Type
Application Fee
Room Reservation
Rent per SemesterRent per Month version*

Activity Fee Semester

Total Housing Cost for 2022-2023
1 bedroom
2 bedroom
4 bedroom

*All students who live on-campus during the Academic Year are required to have a meal plan. For more information about meal plans, please visit the Dining Services Website.

Unlike some apartment complexes, our rent includes utilities and other costs, meaning there are no monthly charges for electricity, water, sewage, trash, laundry, and Internet; it’s free! All normal wear and tear maintenance is provided by our department as well. Does the smoke detector need batteries? Is the lightbulb burnt out? Don’t buy a new one! Just submit a maintenance request, and we will replace it for you.

This is the complete price to live on campus for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If residents are respectful of their facilities and responsible for their belongings, no additional charges will be accrued. For information regarding Housing fines, please take a look at the Community Guide under the Current Residents tab!

What You’ll Get:
Between our competitive housing prices (amongst both colleges and local options), our proven record of increasing a student’s success, and our convenient location, it is easy to understand why some people love living with us so much. However, we also recognize that sometimes, the most essential factor in deciding to live on campus is knowing that you will love your community. Our trained professional and student staff come to work every day with the desire to create a safe, fun, and inclusive community environment. Below is a list of benefits and amenities we offer to all people who decide to call the Oaks Apartments HOME:

Our apartments come furnished for your convenience. Each bedroom has a bedframe and mattress, a desk and desk chair, a set of drawers, and a closet. Our living rooms include a couch, TV stand, coffee table, and barstools (upon request). We also offer a complete kitchen appliance package – our kitchens are furnished with an oven, dishwasher, freezer fridge, spacious storage through a hall closet, kitchen pantry, drawers, and cabinets.

Other features and amenities offered by the Oaks Apartments include:

  • Our free laundry facility with 24/7 access
  • A sparkling pool, just perfect for the Louisiana heat
  • An outdoor recreation area with a basketball court and sand volleyball
  • Our Community Clubhouse, complete with a game room, study room, and front office. Mail is delivered to our office and securely stored for ease of mind.
  • Trained professional and student staff dedicated to creating a safe and fun community environment. A staff member is on-call 24/7 to ensure safety and immediate access to staff in case of emergency. The LSUAPD is just down the road if their services are ever needed.
  • Multi-dimensional programming model with activities and initiatives designed to improve the residential living experience and make a fun community.
2024 Summer Contract (May – August)
2024 Spring Contract (January - May)

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