Housing Application Process

First-year students (and second-year LSUA Athletes) are expected to live on-campus, so every student can benefit from the advantages of the on-campus experience – higher GPAs, retention rates, and graduation rates, along with more opportunities to become part of the LSUA community. Follow the step-by-step guide below to ensure a quick and easy submission process!

Housing is assigned to students on a first-come, first-served basis. The order in which Housing is assigned is based on individuals who have signed their Housing Contract, paid their $100 Room Reservation Fee, AND meet all Housing Requirements.

  Housing requirements include:

  • Being fully admitted to LSUA.
  • Have your full-time class schedule. (Housing is offered to part-time students on a case-by-case basis).
  • Being paid in full/not having a Bursar hold on your account.


Application Process

1. Prepare to Submit your Housing Application.

  1. Any LSUA student can access their Housing Portal under the Student tab in their myLSUA.
  2. Log into the screen with your LSUA email and password.
  3. Once in the portal, select “Housing Overview” from the contents tab on the side or “Apply for Housing” under recommended actions.
    1. For Freshmen and Second Year Athletes:
      1. Students who fall under the live-on requirement must submit a Housing Application. If you qualify for a Housing Exemption, you may submit the Housing Exemption Application instead of the Housing Application. However, your Housing exemption must be approved to exempt you from submitting a Housing Application. If it is denied, you will still need to submit a Housing Application.
    2. For Sophomores and Above:
      1. We love our returning students and hope you will consider staying with us again!
      2. If you plan to move off campus, you do not need to fill out a Housing Exemption because you are not required to live on campus.
  4. Click here to view a step-by-step PowerPoint guide on how to complete your Housing Application.
  5. After completing your Housing Application, you may pay your $75 application fee and submit it to the Department. The Department cannot access and review applications before the fee is paid.

2. Sign Your Housing Contract

  1. Once your Housing Application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our staff, who will confirm that you meet the Housing requirements listed above.
  2. act will be sent to you in your housing Portal. You should receive an email once it becomes available.     
  3. Log into your Housing Portal, click “My Forms,” then click on the contract.
    1. For Students 18+ in Age:
      1. Carefully read the contract.
      2. Agree to the statements provided.
      3. Type your name to serve as a virtual signature.
      4. Click “Sign Contract”. Please note that the form will disappear from your inbox once signed because it is sent to us for review. Also, clicking the “Save” or “Return to Previous User” button will NOT submit your contract.
    2. For Students <18 at Time of Contract Signing:
      1. Your contract must be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian.
      2. Download and print the paper copy of the contract provided to you.
      3. Carefully read the contract.
      4. The student should initial each page in the bottom right corner, then sign and date on the appropriate line on the last page.
      5. Have the parent/guardian sign the last page in the designated area.
      6. Scan and upload your contract as an attached file in the Housing Portal.
      7. Click the “Sign Contract” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Common Error 1: Not initialing or uploading all pages.
  • Common Error 2: Signing the paper virtually instead of physically with a pen. We are unable to process contracts that have a virtual signature attached.

3. Pay Your Room Reservation Fee

  1. Once the Housing staff reviews and accepts your signed contract, you will receive a copy to your LSUA email.
  2. A $100 Room Reservation fee will be added to your student account within a few days.
  3. Paying the room reservation fee is the last step before being assigned a room and receiving your official Housing assignment. It is a required fee for your placement and is non-refundable and non-transferable. It is NOT a deposit.
  4. To pay your fee:
    1. Log into your myLSUA portal.
    2. Click “Payment Plans and Options” under the Student tab.
    3. Make a $100 payment toward the balance shown. You will not be able to classify the payment, but on the back end, we will mark that this payment is for your room reservation fee.

4. Find Your Roommates

  1. Once your contract is accepted, you can begin searching for roommates using the RoomeeZ portion of the Housing Portal.
  2. Create your RoomeeZ profile. You must put in a name and can optionally include a picture, an elevator speech, and a description of yourself, your interests, and your roommate preferences.
  3. Select what information from your Housing application you want to make public or private on your profile.
  4. Add a communication method that added contacts/potential roommates can use to contact you.
  5. Once you find individuals you want to room with, you can create a roommate group and add everyone. If you are in multiple groups, please mark your preferred group.

5. Receive your Assignment

  1. Once all steps are completed, staff can place you in a room. When you receive a placement, you will be emailed. You can view your apartment, bedroom, and roommates within the Housing Portal once you are assigned!

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