Apply for Housing

First-year students are expected to live on-campus, so every student can benefit from the advantages of the on-campus experience - higher GPAs, retention and graduation rates, and more opportunities to become part of the LSUA community. 

1. Submit Your Housing Application or Request a Housing Exemption

2. Indicate Your Preferred Apartment Type

  • When you submit your application, indicate if you prefer to live in a:
    • One-bedroom apartment
    • Two-bedroom apartment
    • Four-bedroom apartment
  • Pricing for each apartment type
  • You will not actually select your apartment type at this point, only indicate your preferred type of housing. 

3. Sign your Housing Contract 

  • Beginning around the beginning of March, those with completed Applications and paid application fees will be notified about the Housing Contract being available to sign.
  • You will log into the Housing Portal and sign your Housing Contract.
  • Once the Housing contract is signed, you will have a $100 Room Reservation fee added to your student account. This is a non-refundable fee.
  • Apartment types will be assigned based on the date of contract signing. The earlier your contract is signed, the more likely you are to get the preferred apartment type. 

4. Search for Roommates and Form Roommate Groups

  • Use the Roommate Profile, Roommate Search service in the housing portal to see students who may be good matches to you based on a short survey about likes, preferences, lifestyles, etc. Residential Life does not use this information to match you with roommates. 
  • All roommate requests must be mutual to be honored. While we do our best to accommodate preferences, not all roommate requests can be honored.
  • Roommate preferences may not be able to be honored based on Apartment type preferences.

5. Room Assignments

  • Apartment and Room Assignments will begin in Mid-April.  
  • Once you receive your assignment, you will be able to see your roommates in the Housing Portal and can contact them. 
    • If you have trouble getting in contact with your roommates, please let us know at, and we can try to help by reaching out to let them know you are trying to connect. 

6. If Necessary, Cancel Housing Contract

  • To cancel your on-campus housing contract, complete the request form
  • Any penalty associated with a cancellation will go by the date and time the request form is submitted and will be administered through your university student account:
    • Cancel your housing contract Prior to July 1: $175 breach of contract fee
    • Cancel your housing contract in after July 1 but before July 31: $250 breach of contract fee
    • Cancellations received after July 31 but before Move-in: 25% of the Fall rent for you apartment type.
    • Cancellations received after move-in dates: see the Housing Contract for specific situations.


If you are a visiting scholar or from a group outside of LSUA, do not fill out the online application. Please email Res Life at