About Us

Mission Statement - Department of Residential Life

We are dedicated to educating the whole student by providing safe, modern, and affordable housing, a diverse, enthusiastic, and trained professional and student staff, and an atmosphere where respect, community and academics are valued. 

We are committed to helping each resident reach their full potential as a productive citizen and a lifelong learner.

Housing Philosophy

Your apartment complex is not merely a place to study and sleep, but rather it is a living/learning environment designed to complement your academic studies. It is a community.

The LSUA housing staff is committed to the philosophy that on campus living can make a difference in your success in college. When you stop to consider that potentially 68% of your time is spent in your residence, you can understand why we place so much importance on the quality of living that takes place on campus.

Programs, floor meetings, and other activities will challenge, stimulate, and enhance your personal and academic growth. Hopefully, these will provide you with a positive set of experiences to take along into your later life. How much you grow will depend on you and your attitude about yourself and your environment. We encourage you to become involved, to participate, and to develop leadership and personal pride in your complex.

Much like life outside the college environment, living on campus will present some difficulties and problems. The housing staff is here to assist you in overcoming those difficulties. There are many resources available. Use them!

Meet the Staff

The housing staff is a select group that works with the students to facilitate the housing program. The housing program has as its goal making a student's on-campus living experience meaningful and rewarding. The people filling the positions described below are available to assist you during your stay on campus.

Director of Residential Life

Coordinating the Department of Residential Life staff and programs is the Director of Residential Life. The Director is also over all billing and housing assignments for campus life located in the Residential Life Office in the Clubhouse. Students are encouraged to bring their ideas, concerns, and suggestions to the Director.

Michael Courson
Michael Courson

Phone: 318-767-2616

Hall Director

Living in each complex is a specially chosen residence hall director. The hall director is responsible for the overall operation of the community. This includes supervising and training of resident assistants and desk assistants; building management; and advising residents.  The hall director reports to the Director of Residential Life.

Resident Assistants

RA’s are undergraduate students and the primary resources for students living in the Oaks apartments. These students are selected on the basis of their concern for others, knowledge of LSUA, and scholarship. Some of the responsibilities of an RA are to provide educational programs, plan floor  activities, serve as a role model to  residents, provide individual advisement and counsel or refer to someone who can be of help, assist in general management of the hall, and explain, confront, and report  violations of housing and/or  policies and regulations.

Desk Assistants

Desk Assistants provide information and check visitors and guests into the residence halls during scheduled hours. If you are interested in becoming a Desk Assistant, check with your RA or Director to inquire about possible openings.