Editorial Board

Christof Stumpf

Christof Stumpf, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology, LSUA

Alice Blackwell

Alice Blackwell, Ph.D.

Book Review Editor
Managing Editor for the Humanities
Professor of English, LSUA

Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes, MBA, BSRS

Managing Editor for Health and Human Services

Assistant Professor of Allied Health, NSULA

Zeb Bell

Zebulon Bell, Ph.D.

Managing Editor for the Social Sciences

Assistant Professor of Psychology, LSUA


James Miksanek, Ph.D.

Managing Editor for the Natural Sciences

Adjunct Professor of Biology, LSUA


Carli Smith

Style Editor

Instructor of English, LSUA


Taylor Greenhouse

Style Editor

Instructor of English - UTA Coordinator, LSUA