Student Government Senator Application

The Requirements to be a Louisiana State University at Alexandria Student Government Senator are the following:

  1. Must be classified as according to the earned credit hours requirements of their respective major, as stated in the catalog of Louisiana State University at Alexandria
  2. Must have and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of not less than 2.0.
  3. Must be classified as at least a part-time student of Louisiana State University at Alexandria who is not a dual-enrolled student at the time of candidacy, and during all semesters of his/her term excluding the summer.
  4. Must not be on disciplinary or scholastic probation at the time of nomination, election, or during the term of office.

The following expectations will be required of Senators:

  • Represent LSUA and the LSUA Student Government with honor and respect.
  • Attend meetings regularly and give input.
  • Help increase campus activity.
  • Be on time and help with events hosted by Student Government.
  • Listen to students across campus therefore Student Government be the voice of the student body.
Select the position you are applying for from the following:
If you are applying for Executive Board, select from the following:

LSUA Student Government

How to find us:

The SG Offices are in the Student Union, across the sidewalk from the student bookstore. 

Office Hours:

We have classes and meetings, so our hours aren't guaranteed. Yet during the afternoon hours there's almost always someone here. If we're in the office, come see us! 

Also, you can email us at