About SG


The LSUA Student Government's sole purpose is to serve the students at Louisiana State University of Alexandria. 
We are the voice of the Student Body on many important matters, including university administration, parking and transportation, academic affairs, and student relief.

With regard to every policy that the University puts into effect, members of SG no only advocate student needs and rights, but also have integral roles in the development of these policies. Members of SG specialize in every aspect of student life and relations while ensuring the needs of the Student Body are met. 

Administrators regularly confer with SG on new initiatives, policies, and programs that affect the University. 

In short, SG touches every part of student life on the LSU of Alexandria campus.


Mission Statement

Student Government officers and senators will serve as liaison between the students, faculty, and administration, providing a strong student voice. Student Government will weigh all perspectives through positive student leadership, and work for responsible and ethical outcomes for LSUA students.




How to find us:

The SG Offices are in the Student Union, across the sidewalk from the student bookstore. 

Office Hours:

We have classes and meetings, so our hours aren't guaranteed. Yet during the afternoon hours there's almost always someone here. If we're in the office, come see us! 

Also, you can email us at sga@lsua.edu.