LSUA Staff Senate Scholarship

The LSUA Staff Senate will fund scholarships per academic year for full-time staff members attending Louisiana State University at Alexandria, any Louisiana State University System university, or any accredited post-secondary institution. These scholarships are to help defray the costs of working towards an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and/or professional certification.

Contributions will be deposited in a non-endowed scholarship account through the LSUA Foundation. The following rules and regulations have been formulated to govern the scholarship. The provisions of the scholarship are consistent with the policies of the Louisiana State University System and the Louisiana State University at Alexandria Foundation.


Scholarships shall be awarded to full-time staff members enrolled in an LSUA, any LSU System University, or any accredited post-secondary institution with the intent of obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree and/or professional certification.

The recipient should have at least one year of full-time employment at LSUA at the beginning of the semester in which the scholarship is to be awarded.

The recipient must be enrolled in a course or courses which are included in the recipient's degree or certificate program and must provide proof of enrollment (copy of current schedule). The scholarship is not to be awarded to the same recipient for two consecutive years.

The recipient must have earned at least a 2.00 grade point average with a minimum of 12 hours earned. If no eligible candidates can be identified, an otherwise eligible employee with less than 2.00 GPA or 12 hours earned may be considered at the discretion of the LSUA Staff Senate.

Amount of Scholarship

Effective February 26, 2019, scholarships will be awarded for $250.00 in the spring semester as funds allow.

Disbursement of Scholarship

The scholarship will be disbursed during the spring semester via check or direct deposit from the LSUA Foundation.

Loss of the Scholarship

The scholarship may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:

  1. Termination or resignation of employment from LSU Alexandria before scholarship disbursement; and,
  2. Information provided in the scholarship application is found to be falsified or untruthful.


The LSUA Staff Senate shall choose the recipient by secret ballot at a regularly scheduled meeting.

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