Information Request Services

  • Reference Requests
  • Accreditation Support
  • Library Impact Statements (LIS)

Reference Requests

Library staff and faculty are available to assist patrons with multiple levels of reference requests:

General reference - Brief factual information and simple search requests can be serviced anytime, without appointment. Reference services are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30pm.

Literature Searches - Structured literature searches are organized searches for all the literature published on a desired topic. This service is provided to all LSUA faculty and students. The aim is to provide library resources to support academic assignments, curriculum development, lectures, publication, and presentations. Library faculty will assist in determining the desired topic, develop search strategies, conduct multiple database searches and provide a documented outcome of the literature search to the patron.

Request Literature Search

Accreditation Support

Libraries Services support academic programs undergoing accreditation review. We will cover library-specific narratives (i.e., resources, collections, services, personnel, facilities, and technology), summary of subject area journals/databases, online support, and planning for accreditation visits. Please contact the Director of Library Services to discuss any accreditation support needs.

Library Impact Statement (LIS)

An LIS is a document summarizing the library resources that could reasonably be expected to support a specific curriculum. Often, completed LISs will be submitted with item level lists of resources along with a structured Build Notes document outlining how the LIS was constructed.

LISs are provided by Library Services to academic departments to satisfy LSUA curriculum development documentation. Specifically, LISs are provided when a department is required to submit Form RIS (Resource Impact Statement) in conjunction with Form AC (Curriculum Request). These forms are required when a department is proposing either a new curriculum or a change to an existing curriculum, when the revised curriculum necessitates a change in resources. Please contact the Systems Administration Librarian to request an LIS.

The librarian will need all MCOs relevant to the curriculum in development. Once all MCOs have been submitted a timeline for LIS delivery can be established. Complete LISs take two weeks for each MCO.