Student Ambassadors

LSUA's Student Ambassadors are an elite group of select students that exemplify leadership, scholarship, and professionalism. Ambassadors are selected through a rigorous interview process before they can don the signature purple polos. 

Ambassadors plan and conduct orientation for new students at LSUA--teaching sessions on campus resources, juggling classes and work, getting involved on campus, and everything in-between. Their primary objective is guiding new students in that transition from high school to college to make their freshmen year the best it can be!

Throughout an Ambassadors tenure, they are given many opportunities to attend and present at regional and national conferences, speak at LSU Board of Supervisors meetings,  attend special functions of the University, be featured in publications and news media, provide campus tours to potential students, visit high schools and college fairs with the Admissions Recruiters, and work special events within the Central Louisiana Community. 

The Ambassador program provides students with numerous academic and professional networking opportunities that expand their horizons and experience while at LSUA.

2023 Interest Meetings:

  • Tuesday, Sept 5, 3:00pm
    • Bo Nipper Tech Center 101
  • Friday, Sept 8; 1:00pm
    • Bo Nipper Tech Center 101