Ceremony Location and Time

LSUA holds commencement ceremonies at the end of both Fall and Spring semesters.

Spring 2019
Location: Rapides Parish Coliseum
Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019
Time: 10:00am (Graduates should report by 9:00am for lineup)


Fall 2019

Location: TBD
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2019
Time: 10:00am (Graduates should report by 9:00am for lineup)

Order of Ceremony

Processional (Order to the Stage)

The start of the ceremony is signified by the graduate processional. Graduates will proceed to the reserved area directly in front of the platform and remain standing. Seating will be reserved for graduates only.  All seats should be filled before moving to the next row. An LSUA employee will be positioned at the beginning and end of each row to assist in seating.

Faculty will then process in, following the graduates, to the appropriate seating area. 

The platform party which includes special guests and department chairs is led by Chancellor Guiyou Huang and will process in double file lines to the stage after the faculty processional. The platform party will ascend the steps and stand in front of their designated seats, except Dr. Huang who will move to the center lectern.

Awarding of Diplomas

At the appropriate time in the ceremony, Dr. Huang will announce the recipients of the Chancellor's Award.

Dr. John Rowan will recognize students graduating with Latin Honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude)

Dr. Rowan will then ask the associate degree candidates to stand for conferring of the degrees.  After associate degrees are conferred and the candidates are seated, Dr. Rowan will ask the baccalaureate degree candidates to stand for conferring of the degrees.  They will then be seated. 

Graduates will then be presented their diploma cover.  An LSUA employee will lead the graduates to the appropriate area to ascend the stage.  At the appropriate time as the row of graduates shortens, an LSUA employee will lead the next row to the appropriate area until all diplomas have been awarded.


Following the benediction, as the recessional plays, Dr. Huang will lead the procession out followed by the platform party and the faculty.  Graduates will exit in the same order as they entered (led by the first graduate). 


ADA Information

Accessible Parking: A state-issued disability placard prominently displayed inside the vehicle or state-issued disability plate is required. The accessible parking area is located in parking lots around the Rapides Parish Coliseum and it is first come, first serve basis.

Coliseum Entrance: Persons with disability accommodation needs may enter the Coliseum through the front/main entrance. Each portal of the Coliseum has a ramp entry. Disability seating is located on the second level. Directional personnel will be available to assist you to the designated areas. 

Coliseum Seating Area: Accessible seating for those using wheelchairs or other mobility aids is signified by the handicap emblem.  The designated area is on the second level. Please see the Coliseum seating chart for assistance. These areas are open to guests on a first come, first serve basis. If you need assistance, staff will be available to assist you. 

Wheelchair/Mobility Aid Availability: Family members, guests, and degree candidates in need of wheelchairs or other mobility aids should make provisions to bring those with them to the Coliseum. Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are not provided at the Rapides Parish Coliseum. 

Degree Candidates: A ramp is available for those using wheelchairs or other mobility aids to assist them to the stage.

Police: Officers are present in case of an emergency.  If you cannot locate either group, please seek the assistance of a staff member. 

Graduates or guests requiring any further disability related accommodations or with questions regarding the ceremony should contact the Office of the Chancellor directly at 318-473-6444.




  • Pictures of graduates receiving diplomas and posed photographs with diplomas as graduates are exiting the stage will be provided by Lifetouch.  Visit Lifetouch to sign up and receive notification when your proofs are online and ready to order.
  • Complimentary proofs will be mailed to graduates.

Faculty Photograph Opportunity

There will be a photo opportunity with your departmental professors from 9:00am - 9:30am. Pictures can be taken together in front of the various LSUA backdrops.

Ceremony Live Streaming

The ceremony will be streamed live. Follow this link http://box-cast.tv/view/lsua-spring-2019-183976 to watch the ceremony in progress.

After the ceremony a recording of the ceremony will be available for an allotted time for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to watch the Fall 2018 Ceremony.

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