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New Era of Leadership CenLA Begins

May 3, 2021, 14:08 PM
Will hold eight sessions throughout the year

Topics for the first session of “Leadership CenLA” include the history of Cenla, government and the legislative process.

Various topics will be discussed during each of the eight sessions that are being held once a month, with the exception of July, until the middle of November.

The agenda for the first session started with a light breakfast followed by opening remarks from Dr. Randall Dupont, Dean of LSUA’s College of Business, Dr. Paul Coreil, LSUA Chancellor, and Deborah Randolph, Executive Director for the Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce. Presentations from business and community leaders began shortly after, with each presentation lasting about 45 minutes and focusing on the session’s topics.

“It’s important to have leaders that are able to understand the justice system and the business law because power for business and power for the government often intersect,” said Dr. Laura Carroll, an attorney and Marketing Instructor at LSUA

Just over two dozen participants are taking part in the 2021 “Leadership CenLA” series. With a limited number of participants selected, participants were selected after filling out an application that was evaluated based on the candidates and the organization’s goals.

“You know, the folks that we have here today, these folks have been recognized by their organizations as being leaders. They’re very professional and they have a great deal of interest in the community. So, because of that, that’s why they were selected,” said Dr. Dupont.

Although this year’s “Leadership CenLA” series is in motion, you can click here to learn more about the program.

By: Jojuana Phillips, KALB