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Peer Review


Peer-reviewed teaching allows us to leverage the teaching expertise of our colleagues and provide us with the tools to maximize our teaching potential.  To read more about this process, please click on the link, below.


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To arrange a peer review consultation or to volunteer to serve on a peer review panel, please email Dr. Susan Bowers

Faculty Orientation


New Faculty Orientation at LSUA incorporates a semester-long seminar series that is designed to support faculty as they join the LSUA family.  It begins with a two-day workshop that introduces the new faculty to the campus, administration, and important faculty resources and programs.  It also provides an opportunity to build community and engage new faculty in discussions about engaged teaching.

The two-day event is followed up by a monthly series of activities that further support faculty in their teaching, research, and service.

The CTE also hosts an adjunct orientation tailored to the needs of our many wonderful adjunct instructors.  It not only celebrates the many accomplishments of these faculty, but also strives to meet the needs those living local and remote.  

Tenure Mentoring


The CTE is developing a new Tenure Mentoring program to assist tenure-track faculty as their career progress toward tenure evaluation.

The program will work with deans and department chairs to build mentoring teams for tenure-eligible faculty that will assist them as they work toward their professional goals.  The teams will include at least two faculty members, but can have more.  Ideally, most members of the team must be tenured, but at least one must be.  At least one member must be from the mentee's department and one must be from the campus at large.

If you would like to help develop this program, please contact Dr. Susan Bowers