Faculty, Staff, and FERPA

Generally, share student-specific information only with the individual student.

As rule of thumb, presume that all student information is confidential, and do not disclose information to a third party without a student’s written consent except to University officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the information. Consult with the Registrar’s Office to understand which information the University can properly disclose. To verify if a student is listed as confidential, please enter the Self-Service site, and Class lists, choose the Detailed Class List, click on the student’s name, and select ‘view Dossier’, under the Header ‘Release Information’ look for “No Release.”

IF the student’s record does not show the words “No Release,” THEN you may share Directory Information.

During a semester if you want to allow students to pick up homework unattended or to share other course-specific, FERPA-protected information you may create a section-specific unique number to be shared only between the student and faculty of a particular course section you may use that number as section-specific-identifier for submitting and returning graded material via public-posting. 

Be advised that the number used as a section-specific-identifier must be assigned by the faculty, should be “randomly” generated to avoid deduction (no easily discernable patterns of assignment), and may not be used for any other purpose.  The number may not be used in other course sections this semester or in future semesters.  There can be no other personally identifiable information on the graded material.

Avoid inadvertently disclosing information from student records by following these examples.

Letters of Recommendation
Faculty Access to Student Information
Health or Safety Emergency Disclosure
Students' Right to Access Information
Parental Access to Student Information
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