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Bachelor of General Studies with concentration in Humanities

The Bachelor of General Studies with a concentration in humanities offers students the opportunity to complete their degree by taking an interdisciplinary variety of humanities courses. Students may choose courses among communication studies, English, foreign language, history, philosophy, and religion as their concentration. This program is ideal for students who want a broad liberal arts education and want the flexibility of choosing the courses in their degree. Students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to think beyond the traditional boundaries of disciplines while being able to follow a number of different career paths.

About the Program

Department: Arts, English, & Humanities

Degree: Bachelor of General Studies with concentration in Humanities

Credits for Degree: 120


  • Sports Media
  • Art League
  • Empty Space Players
  • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society

Delivery Methods:

This program is offered on-campus, hybrid, and 100% online.


2019 Jongleur

Possible Careers

  • Education: university, secondary, elementary
  • Communications: journalist, author, translator, interpreter
  • Librarian or museum curator

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