Interdisciplinary Pre-Med Program

This program will serve as a catalyst for healthcare excellence in Louisiana. In partnership with LSUHSC – New Orleans and LSUHSC - Shreveport, it aims to forge a robust path for LSUA pre-med students that integrates academic rigor with real-world medical experiences. Through collaborative efforts, it strives to shape a future where healthcare is more inclusive, accessible, and responsive to the needs of Louisiana communities and beyond.

The LSUA Interdisciplinary Pre-Med Program is dedicated to:

  • Regional Engagement and Student Recruitment: Actively recruiting high-caliber students from Central Louisiana, collaborating with local communities and schools to attract exceptional candidates with the potential to excel in the medical field.
  • Comprehensive Medical School Preparation: Equipping pre-med students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become strong candidates for medical school admission. This includes raising awareness about the medical school entrance process and providing strategies for success in medical education.
  • Enhanced Recruitment and Retention: Strengthening the pipeline of aspiring physicians through focused efforts on recruitment and retention, thereby enhancing the healthcare landscape of Louisiana.
  • Community Engagement: Developing a sense of responsibility towards community health, emphasizing hands-on experiences and service learning.






Enhanced Academic Opportunities

  • Enhanced Classes: Dive into a curriculum that exceeds standard educational expectations, giving you an academic edge.
  • Field Trips: Engage in experiential learning through trips that offer real-world insights into the medical field.
  • Practicum Course: Gain invaluable experience through job shadowing programs that put you in the heart of clinical practice.
  • Pre-med seminar: Participate in workshops and discussions focusing on medical school preparation, application strategies, and career exploration in the healthcare industry.


Supportive Professional Development

  • Special Letter of Recommendation: Receive a personalized endorsement from our esteemed board, highlighting your unique contributions and potential.
  • Guaranteed Interview: Secure your chance to impress with guaranteed interviews at LSUHSC – New Orleans and LSUHSC - Shreveport.
  • Priority on Workshops: Enjoy preferential access to workshops that enhance your skills and medical knowledge.


Tailored Advising and Networking

  • Pre-med Advisors: Get expert advice tailored to your medical school journey when you are admitted into the pre-med program.
  • Priority Registration: Ensure you're first in line for the classes you need with priority course registration.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Take the lead in pre-med clubs with priority for officer positions, building your network and resume.


Research and Practical Experience

  • Research Priority: Get priority access to research opportunities at LSUA and collaborate with the LSUHSC – New Orleans med school.
  • Mock Interviews: Hone your interview skills with simulations that prepare you for medical school interviews.
  • CV and Med School Letter Assistance: Benefit from professional assistance in crafting your CV and medical school application letters.


Exclusive Program Privileges

  • Special Graduation Ceremony: Celebrate your achievements with a distinctive ceremony recognizing your dedication.


More Information

Requirements for Admission
Application Process
Program Requirements
Required and Recommended Coursework
Good Standing and Probationary Guidelines
Pre-Med Clubs