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LSUA Unveils Innovative Interdisciplinary Pre-Med Program to Strengthen Local Healthcare

Apr 11, 2024, 14:19 PM
In a significant move towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality in Louisiana, Louisiana State University of...

ALEXANDRIA - In a significant move towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality in Louisiana, Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA) proudly announces its Interdisciplinary Pre-Med Program (IPP). This initiative stands out for its strategic partnerships with LSU Health Sciences Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport and its focus on cultivating rural physicians through an affordable, comprehensive educational pathway.

LSUA’s IPP has solidified MOUs with both of LSU's prominent Louisiana medical schools, ensuring students receive a top-tier pre-medical education and guaranteeing students an interview during the medical school admissions process. This collaboration aims to directly address the healthcare provider shortage in rural areas by preparing students to serve as rural physicians where the need is greatest.

Understanding the financial barriers that often accompany higher education, especially in pre-medical studies, LSUA is committed to offering an affordable pathway to a medical career. This program is designed to maximize students' investment in their future without the burden of excessive debt, making the dream of becoming a physician more accessible to all.

Students may also become candidates for LSU's rural medicine scholarship program, specifically designed to train doctors and medical professionals to serve in the state's rural communities. This scholarship, combined with LSUA’s lowest undergraduate tuition in the state, will build the most affordable path to becoming a physician in Louisiana.

Nathan Sammons, LSUA’s Assistant Vice Chancellor of Engaged Teaching and Learning, remarked, “We are thrilled about this announcement because it marks a pivotal moment for students embarking on their medical careers. These collaborations significantly bolster the recruitment, preparation, and retention of aspiring physicians and, concurrently, enhance Louisiana's healthcare landscape.”

Program Highlights


Exclusive Partnerships: Direct connections with LSUHSC–New Orleans and LSUHSC–Shreveport provide unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional advancement.


Focus on Rural Medicine: Emphasis on preparing students to address the unique challenges and rewards of practicing medicine in rural communities.


Affordability: A cost-effective program structure, minimizing financial barriers to medical school admission and success.


Comprehensive Support: Tailored advising, practical experience opportunities, and priority access to workshops and seminars are designed to enhance student success.


LSUA’s Interdisciplinary Pre-Med Program is more than an educational pathway; it is a commitment to the future of healthcare in Louisiana, ensuring that every community, especially those underserved, has access to high-quality medical care.


For more information about the program, visit the IPP website at or email



Written by Jessica Ringo, LSUA College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Photo credit - Getty Images + LSUA Strategic Communications