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100% of LSUA School of Nursing Recent Graduates Passed the NCLEX National Licensure Examination

Feb 26, 2024, 11:22 AM
The LSUA School of Nursing proudly announces a remarkable achievement as it kicks off the statistical year of 2024 with...

ALEXANDRIA - The LSUA School of Nursing proudly announces a remarkable achievement as it kicks off the statistical year of 2024 with a flawless 100% first-time pass rate on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for the Fall 2023 cohort. 


The LSUA School of Nursing has a distinguished track record of producing highly skilled and competent nurses. This noteworthy accomplishment marks the second time in six years that LSUA has seen all students in a cohort pass the NCLEX on their first attempt, underscoring the school's commitment to excellence in nursing education and preparation. The school's dedication to academic rigor and student success is reflected in the overall pass rates of its cohorts, which consistently surpass national averages. In 2023, the national first-time pass rate was 79.2% while LSUA’s stood at 89.7%.


Sarita James, Ph.D., is the Director of LSUA’s School of Nursing. James honored her recent graduates and noted the difficulty of the new testing format, saying: “We celebrate the success of these 40 new nurses from LSUA, who demonstrate the strength, care, and dedication characteristic of our graduates. They faced the first iteration of the reformatted NextGen NCLEX state board exam. Despite broad expectations of lower pass rates with the new format, Louisiana achieved the second-highest pass rate for first-time test takers. The hard work of these graduates in becoming proficient nurses for our demanding healthcare sector is commendable. Their achievements affirm that the LSUA School of Nursing offers the ideal blend of clinical judgment training and student success, backed by an outstanding faculty."


Amidst fluctuations in national pass rates over recent years, LSUA has maintained a strong performance, with an average first-time pass rate of 88.2% over the past six years, significantly exceeding the national average of 80.7% over the same period. This emphasizes LSUA's unmatched ability to prepare nursing students for licensure and ensure their readiness to enter the profession.


According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, multiple steps must be completed before a nurse can safely enter the profession. These steps typically include:

  • Graduating from a recognized nursing program
  • Meeting the specific requirements of the state board of nursing
  • Passing the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) NCLEX® examination for registered nurses


The NCLEX serves as a critical milestone for aspiring nurses, ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe and effective patient care. LSUA's consistent achievement of high pass rates underscores the school's commitment to academic excellence, faculty expertise, and student support, providing a solid foundation for graduates to thrive in their nursing careers.


Jeff Langston, LSUA Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, said: "We are excited to see another strong class of nurses entering the workforce to help address the critical needs of our community.  Having a 100% first-time pass rate is indicative of the hard work and dedication of our nursing program faculty and leadership. They are passionate about preparing every student to be successful, and it shows!"


As LSUA celebrates the outstanding success of its Fall 2023 nursing cohort, the school reaffirms its dedication to delivering quality nursing education and preparing future generations of compassionate and competent healthcare professionals. For more information about LSUA's School of Nursing and its academic programs, visit



Written by Adam Lord

Photo credit - Nathan Parish | LSUA Strategic Communications