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128 Undergraduate Research Presentations Delivered at LSUA’s Scholar Day 2023

Apr 27, 2023, 14:27 PM
LSUA held the 5th annual Scholar Day this week with 128 student undergraduate research presentations.

LSUA held the 5th annual Scholar Day this week with 128 student undergraduate research presentations.


Scholar Day is a one-day event highlighting the scholarly achievements of LSUA students and faculty. This multidisciplinary event celebrates the scholarship and creative activity happening in classrooms across LSUA. Students work with a faculty mentor during the semester to conduct a research project inspired by course material or personal interests within their major. The culmination of this work is the presentation at Scholar Day. Student presentations included poster presentations, submitted scholarly papers, and oral presentations, and there were several lunch-and-learn sessions with LSUA faculty.


Undergraduate scholarship on display this year ranged across many disciplines from nursing and biological sciences to education and psychology. Valerie Kendrick, from the School of Nursing, asked: “How are hospitalized patients affected by musical therapy?” Taylor Spencer, Biology, researched ways to increase sustainability for small beef cattle farms. Jessica Eubanks, in the School of Education, considered explicit reading strategies in the secondary classroom. Ji’bril Harris, Psychology, presented on “Perceptions of Black Women Based on Hair Texture.” These were just four of the 128 incredibly insightful topics researched!


Judges from the community, faculty, and staff scored presentations throughout the day. Scholar Day culminated with awards for outstanding presentations and faculty mentorship.


The winners for Outstanding Poster Presentation were:


Accounting and Finance - Kendall Powell

English and Humanities - Qua-Morah Hawkins

Education - Raegan Brossett, Kylee Reed

Nursing - Carli Bishop, Baleigh Marshall, Sarah Watson, Cameryn Mayeux

Biological Sciences - Daniel Reynolds and Ashton Futrell (group)

History - Christian Singletary

Disaster Science Management - Amanda Fuglaar

Psychology - Elena McConachie


The winners for Outstanding Oral Presentation were:


Allied Health - Amy Termina

Biology - Faith McCauley

Chemistry - Destiny Harrison

Education - Lauren Andries

Criminal Justice - Emrie Albritton, Elizabeth Kelone, and Katelynn Gauthier (group)

Psychology - Lauren McCann and Claire Plauche (group)

Political Science - Emrie Albritton and Kayla Ramos (group)

History - Christian Singletary

Humanities - Destiny Harrison and Ji'Bril Harris (group)

English - Angela Felix

Kinesiology - Keeley Mcleod


The winner for Outstanding Faculty Mentor was Krista Redmond, Adjunct Professor of Education. 



Written by Adam Lord

Photo credit - Mira Parks | LSUA Strategic Communications

Pictured - Raegan Brossett, LSUA School of Education