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Jul 24, 2021, 08:54 AM

ALEXANDRIA – LSU President William F. Tate IV came from Baton Rouge today to visit the LSUA campus on Friday, July 26th, and to meet the faculty, staff, and students of LSUA.

His visit included an initial meeting with Dr. Coreil, a tour of the LSUA campus, and an open forum to speak and answer questions from faculty, staff, and students. After lunch with the Senior Leadership Team of LSUA, Dr. Tate met with community leaders and concluded his visit by attending a reception with VIPs from the campus and surrounding communities.

“We wanted to make sure Dr. Tate understood how crucial this university is to the economic future of central Louisiana , and I think we succeeded with that today,” said LSUA Chancellor Paul Coreil. “The mission of the campus is to educate the community, give them the opportunity for a path to a career and a job that can be fruitful, and make sure they don’t leave this area. They can have a career right here in Central Louisiana.”

When asked for his impression of LSUA, President Tate said “…Really pushing the academic agenda along with treating students as if they’re part of a family is a special combination.”

“What’s really special is the real passion to serve the community. I was appreciative of it and it motivated me as President to do my best on behalf of the community,” said Dr. Tate. “I wish we could triple what we have here, because it’s that great.

LSUA, along with the rest of the LSU family, looks forward to working closely with Dr. Tate and his administration to accomplish great things.