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LSUA Honors Chancellor’s Award Recipients

Jun 7, 2021, 13:53 PM
Five students received the highest honor on campus

Louisiana State University of Alexandria honored its Chancellor’s Award recipients in a special ceremony today on the LSUA campus.

The students recognized are the highest achieving academic students at LSUA. Those that received the award are—

  • Malia Noor Jaffrani, Associate of Sciences (Alexandria)
  • Hafsa Naz Mansoor, Associate of Sciences (Alexandria)
  • Ryan Alexander Guidry, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Centerpoint)
  • Savannah Grace Mason, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Jonesville)
  • Gonzalo Rodriguez, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Santiago, Chile)

“It was so awesome to receive this award. I didn’t think much of myself when I started at LSUA, but to have finished and come this far is amazing,” said Guidry. “I was so surprised when the Chancellor (Dr. Paul Coreil) called to tell me I had earned it. It was just an awesome experience to hear it from him.”

“We are extremely proud of all of these students. They are some of our best and brightest and truly deserve to be recognized. We know they will go on to be great ambassadors for LSUA, but more importantly, we know that they will all make a positive impact in their respective communities and in the professional careers they pursue,” said Dr. Paul Coreil, LSUA Chancellor.

The Chancellor’s Award is given out each semester to those graduating students with the highest grade point averages. Along with the recognition, each recipient receives a plaque and medal.