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The "Great" LSUA Experience

May 11, 2021, 15:08 PM
Jimmy Wenslow III recounts time in classroom and on basketball court

When Louisiana State University of Alexandria graduate Jimmy Wenslow III was asked to describe LSUA, one word was all he needed.


Wenslow originally made the decision to attend Louisiana Tech, but decided to transfer to LSUA after realizing he wanted a more personal experience.

“LSUA is a great college experience for everyone, whether you are a high school student or non-traditional student, it has what you need,” he said. “Professors are more in-depth on certain subjects and are more willing to spend extra time with you. They just care more.”

The history major’s time at LSUA was not only spent in the classroom but also on the basketball court. Since Jimmy arrived on campus, he has been a student assistant coach with the LSUA Men’s Basketball team.

“Jimmy brought extreme value to our coaching staff. He was able to relate to our student athletes on a lot of different levels. He had a good high school career, and he was able to carry that maturity and expertise here. He made his mark with the Generals in that way,” said LSUA Men’s Basketball Head Coach Larry Cordaro.

Jimmy was instrumental in coaching the team to the NAIA Men’s Basketball National Championship game in 2018, which he recounts was one of his most memorable experiences at LSUA.

“If I had to choose my favorite academic experience, it would be any time I received any one of Dr. Chris Stacy’s research papers back. The feeling you get after you receive that passing grade on his papers, let’s you know that you earned it,” he stated.

Graduating this semester, Wenslow plans on continuing his coaching career either in high school or college. If history can repeat itself, he hopes to find a way to coach himself back into another national championship.