Local Mayors Sign Proclamation for Medical Lab Professionals Week

Apr 20, 2021, 16:21 PM
Mayor Jeffrey Hall and Mayor Clarence Fields both sign orders

City of Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey Hall and City of Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields both signed proclamations today declaring this week Medical Lab Professionals Week in front of LSUA Department of Allied Health faculty and local hospital employees.

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 18-24) provides a unique opportunity to increase public understanding of and appreciation for Clinical Laboratory Personnel and their impact on the communities they serve; this national celebration is in its 44th year, originating in 1975.

"It is amazing to see this support. It is good for the community and all those in healthcare to see the acknowledgement and appreciation from both mayors," said LSUA phlebotomy student Karina Smith, who was also on hand for the proclamation signing.

Though often rarely seen by patients, laboratory professionals that work tirelessly behind the scenes include Pathologists, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Cytotechnologists, Histotechnologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Phlebotomists, and Histological Technicians; all of whom are highly trained specialists who perform and evaluate laboratory tests to detect and diagnose disease and monitor treatment-Alexandria and Pineville are home to hundreds of laboratory professionals. 

According to the CDC, 14 billion lab tests are ordered annually, and 70% of medical decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, hospital admission and discharge are based on laboratory test results.

The crisis of COVID-19 has thrown the Medical Laboratory Professionals into the forefront of the healthcare arena. With over 370,000 confirmed cases in the state of Louisiana (The COVID Tracking Project), the need for visibility of qualified laboratory professionals is critical now more than ever.