LSUA Institutes Global Health Course

Jun 11, 2020, 08:48 AM
Applicable and available to all students

The Louisiana State University of Alexandria has instituted a global health course available for all students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taught by Dr. Cathy Robinson, adjunct professor at LSUA and international medical laboratory consultant in 42 countries outside of the United States, the course will cover critical topics including health determinants and metrics, global burden of disease in terms of economic costs and lost lives, equity and gender issues, health systems, natural disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies, and how the Sustainable Development Goals are working to improve the health of all people.

“Global pandemics don’t come around every year or decade making this course applicable to all students, particularly since the Pandemic reaches all elements of our lives and all disciplines and majors offered at LSUA,” said Robinson.

One aspect of the course will be for students to keep a weekly journal of events in their own lives or children’s describing positive and negative occurrences resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, case studies will be discussed each week that involved global issues from low- middle- and high-income countries.

The course will be a three-credit hour course taught 100 percent online from June 29th to August 16th.