LSUA Granted Provisional COPLAC Membership

Mar 30, 2020, 08:28 AM
Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges approves LSUA membership

The Executive Committee of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) recently voted to approve Louisiana State University of Alexandria as a provisional member.

COPLAC’s mission is to support public colleges and universities that offer a high-quality liberal arts education at an affordable price. Academic excellence and accessibility are the hallmarks of each COPLAC institution.

“I am very proud that LSUA is Louisiana’s public arts university. Membership in COPLAC is based on a proven high-quality curriculum across all majors. Most significantly, students here receive an education that emphasizes excellent communication, insightful critical thinking, and exemplary soft skills that benefit graduates regardless of the professions they pursue. Admission to the selective group of COPLAC institutions is recognition of LSUA’s highly respected status among national four-year institutions,” said Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. John Rowan.

Established in 1987, COPLAC consists of 29 public college and universities that focus mainly on undergraduate education and emphasize the importance of the residential college experience. Member institutions are recognized for developing inclusive campus environments that foster student development and success while providing intentional opportunities to first generation, low income, and underrepresented populations.

COPLAC has eight member institutions in the Southeastern United States, and LSUA is the only Louisiana institution to have been granted COPLAC membership, provisional or full.

“Being the only university granted COPLAC membership in the state of Louisiana is a true testament to the commitment LSUA has to first generation/low income students when compared to peer state institutions,” said Dr. Paul Coreil, LSUA Chancellor. “This also illustrates our commitment to making sure all students are given an opportunity to attend college and pursue rewarding careers important to our changing world.”

LSUA has been informally connected to COPLAC for several years now. University administrators have attended the last three annual COPLAC meetings, and Dr. Sandy Huguenin, past chair of the COPLAC Membership Committee, visited LSUA’s campus in February 2018. The university is delighted that its connection to COPLAC has now been formalized and looks forward to participating in the work of the organization and attaining full COPLAC membership in the future.