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Brame Scholarship Winners Announced

Dec 9, 2019, 09:28 AM
Congratulations to two LSUA students on being the first recipients of the scholarship.

LSUA is pleased to announce that two scholarships have been awarded to students graduating in May 2020. All scholarship applicants went through a competitive application process. The number of scholarships awarded will gradually increase per year until six scholarships have been awarded. 

The LSUA Foundation received a philanthropic contribution in November 2019 from the Louisiana Charities Trust to award six “full-ride” student scholarships in the Long-Term Care Administration and Clinical Nursing fields of study. These scholarships – which will include all costs of attendance: tuition, fees, books, housing, and meal plans – were given by LA Charities in memory of the late Mr. Scott O. Brame. Brame was a founding board member of the LSUA Foundation in 1991. 

“I am really blessed and thankful for being given the opportunity to receive this award,” says Victoria Clark, senior Long-Term Care Administration student and scholarship recipient. “The opportunities and advancements we have in the world today are because of those who came before us. I chose this field of study to show my appreciation to the previous generation, and this scholarship allows me to give back in my own way to those who came before me.” 

“I am so honored and blessed to be awarded this scholarship,” says Lana Magee, senior Clinical Nursing student and scholarship recipient. “This scholarship is going to relieve the burden of worrying about my educational financial obligations, so that I am able to truly focus on obtaining my degree. I am humbled to be chosen for such a special opportunity and will forever be thankful to LA Charities for their wonderful generosity.” 

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