Dr. Jerry Sanson Receives Max Bradbury Award

Jul 1, 2019, 14:54 PM
Congratulations to Dr. Sanson for winning his second Max Bradbury Award.

Dr. Jerry Sanson is the latest recipient of the Max Bradbury Award for his article “Why Solomon Northup Still Matters: International Reaction to a Story of Slavery in the Red River Valley” published in the Winter-Spring 2018 issue of North Louisiana History, the journal of the North Louisiana Historical Association. 

The Max Bradbury Award goes to the best article published in the journal during the year. 

This is the second time Dr. Sanson has won the Bradbury. He was the recipient of the 2003 award for his article “Dissin’ the Kingfish: Anti-Longite Rhetoric in the 1936 and 1940 Louisiana Gubernatorial Elections.” 

The Bradbury Award for the year’s best article was established in memory of Max V. Bradbury who was the association’s second editor and served as editor from 1958-1969. Under his tenure, he edited a fledgling newsletter with a few short historical pieces to a newsletter filled with enough articles to publish a journal that laid the groundwork for the North Louisiana History Journal. 

The association established the Max Bradbury Award following his death in 1974.