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LSUA Celebrates Mulder Scholarship Finalists

Mar 11, 2019, 11:58 AM
Congratulations to those who have been chosen as finalists for the Mulder Scholarship

LSUA celebrated the finalists for the Howard and Eloise Mulder Endowed Scholarship with a dinner held at the Diamond Grill on Saturday night.

The ten finalists were selected from over sixty applicants and spent the earlier part of Saturday in a series of day-long interviews with the chancellor, department chairs, and the scholarship committee. 

Of the finalist, five will be incoming freshmen in the fall semester and the other five are continuing students. 

The incoming students include: Khalil Smith (Pineville, LA), Alaysia Fleming (Lacombe, LA), Kendall Powell (Alexandria, LA), Rachel Gohmert (Pineville, LA), and Sevanah Howard (Pineville, LA). 

The continuing students include: Gonzalo Rodriguez (Chile), Patricia Perez Diaz-Bertrana (Spain), Jossie Neumann (Pineville, LA), Eloisa Rubio (Forest Hill, LA), and Alica Brister (Elmer, LA).

Of the finalists, two are pre-med majors, two are business majors, two are majoring in nursing, one is a chemistry major, one is majoring in math, one is a psychology major, and one is undecided. 

Two scholarships will be awarded with one going to an incoming student and the other to a continuing student. The winners will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Students receiving the scholarship will be known as a Mulder Scholar and the award will cover the full cost of a semester’s tuition, fees, books, and on-campus housing and meal plans incurred as a direct result of the recipient’s attendance at LSUA. The scholarship will be awarded to the student throughout their academic career at LSUA, not to exceed more than eight consecutive semesters. 

This scholarship, the first of its kind at LSUA, is made possible by the generous donation made to the University from the Mulder estate. 

Howard and Eloise Mulder were staunch supporters of LSUA. Both were founding members of the LSUA Foundation and served the Board of Directors for eight years. In 2001, both Howard and Eloise were honored for their service to LSUA by being awarded the LSUA Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor bestowed to anyone by the University.