Salary Adjustments Announced

Feb 16, 2019, 16:14 PM
Salary adjustments have been announced for the second year in a row at LSUA.

I am pleased to announce that LSUA will implement a 3% merit salary increase to eligible faculty and staff, effective October 1, 2018. In addition, approximately 10% of all our employees will receive an equity adjustment averaging 2.66%. Equity adjustments are made to only those whose current salaries are obviously below colleagues who hold similar positions and who have served similar lengths of time. Faculty who received rank promotion for this Fall are eligible for the 3% increase.

Athletics is self-funded but the University decided to grant a 1% increase to most full-time Athletics employees to recognize their outstanding performance in advancing LSUA’s image.

Civil Service employees (who had already received an average 4% salary increase in July), new faculty and staff hires since October 1, 2017, and individuals who received promotions/adjustments are not in this pool of salary raise. 

A successful end to the turbulent and extended legislative sessions of 2018, a stable enrollment picture for 2018-19, and improved student retention rates have helped make this a reality.

These merit raises came about because of a strong belief in the importance of what you do. Students are to be acknowledged for their investment. The state’s governmental leaders stabilized higher education’s appropriations in spite of a desperate budget outlook last February. Our alumni made it a point to ensure that governmental officials, decision-makers, and thought-leaders understood the importance of higher education in general and LSU in particular. The LSU Board of Supervisors never wavered in their support of your work and success. And you, as our university’s faculty and staff, continuously stood in support of LSUA and as a beacon for the importance of higher education.

On behalf of the LSUA administration, thank you for your continued service to LSUA and our students. Have a great Fall semester!