Merge Courses Request Form

We are aware that some faculty teach multiple sections of the same course. By default, you have a separate Moodle section for the course. If you wish, we can merge the courses so that you only load content and announcements once. 

Please submit this form BEFORE you begin working on or importing content to your class site. If you have content in the courses that are merged, the data will be wiped. 

If you need to send a message to each section of the class, you will need to create a group for each section in the course. Check out the following link to learn how to create groups in your Moodle course.

Note: We will auto merge 7-week online courses in the 100% online programs with 7-week online courses for on-campus students. Do not fill out this form for these type of courses. Your course may already be merged, please check Moodle. 

If you have questions, please contact Ashley Robinson at

(Ex. MATH 1021)

(Ex. 002X)

(Ex. 005X)