Satisfactory Academic Progress

Whether it is an academic scholarship, a federal grant, or a student loan all sources of financial aid require the student to meet certain academic standards to continue to be eligible for award.


Federal & State Grants, Loans, Work Study

Academic Progress is reviewed for all grants, loans, and work study programs. Students must meet a GPA requirement, an earned hour requirement, and have not exceeded the maximum number of attempted hours allowed.

Academic progress for Financial Aid is typically checked once an academic year, at the conclusion of a Spring semester and is reviewed primarily on the hours attempted during both the Fall and Spring semesters of the student’s last academic year of attendance.

Listed below are the basic criteria students must meet to be eligible for all federal and state grants, loans, and work study programs.


FOR STUDENTS ADMITTED BEFORE FALL 2020 (until after Spring 2021, then all will be under the above requirements)


Scholarships & Satisfactory Academic Progress

Every scholarship that LSUA students receive carry their own academic requirements to maintain eligibility.  Students who receive scholarships from sources other than LSUA or the Louisiana TOPS scholarship should contact the organization who awarded the scholarship for what the minimum academic standards are.

Students must be enrolled full time (12+ credit hours) as of the census date for the semester in order to receive Academic scholarships. Failure to do so results in permanent loss of scholarship eligibility.

***Please note 100% online degree programs do not qualify you for any LSUA Scholarship.  If you change your degree program to a 100% online degree program, then you risk the loss of your LSUA Scholarship.***


For LSUA Academic Scholarship 2 (for recipients beginning Spring 2016)

***Please note that a "W" grade does not count as an earned credit hour. If you receive a "W" grade in any course please consult with the Financial Aid Office to review ways to maintain eligibility if possible.***


For LSUA Academic Scholarship (Beginning Fall 2014)


For LSUA Foundation Scholarships

Students receiving a LSUA Foundation Scholarship were provided with the retention requirements at the time they accepted the award. If a student no longer has this information they may email the LSUA Financial Aid Office at


For the Louisiana TOPS Scholarship

Students who meet the requirements to receive LA TOPS Opportunity, Performance, or Honor scholarship must meet the following basic academic requirements.

For additional information regarding the retention standards for TOPS visit the website for the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance




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