Mandatory Employee Training

Welcome to LSUA! Please note that all new employees are required to complete the following mandatory training e-courses. Course descriptions and instructions for registration are outlined below. The courses are:

The Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, Louisiana Board of Ethics

*Required annually (every calendar year). Deadline is December 31st.

In response to Louisiana Revised Statute 42:1170, all public employees are also required to complete one hour of training on the Code of Governmental Ethics each calendar year. This online training course is located on the Ethics Board website here. Upon completion, the employee will be provided with a certificate that documents the completion of the course.

According to the statute, failure to comply with the requirements of training constitutes a violation of the Ethics Code. Any public employee who is found to have violated any provision of any law within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Board can be removed, suspended, or ordered to have a reduction in pay or demotion by the Ethics Board. The board can also impose a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or both. Questions about this course can be sent to

Submit your certificate of completion in MyLSUA via the Mandatory Training Tracker.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

*Required annually (every calendar year). Deadline is December 31st.

In an attempt to reduce the number of employees falling for phishing attempts on campus and to raise general cybersecurity awareness, LSUA IET Services requires that all employees complete the Cybersecurity Awareness e-training by December 31st each calendar year.

In this training, employees will identify key indicators of cyber threats, use counter measures to safeguard against cyber threats, and apply strategies to limit the damage in the event of a cyber attack.

Upon completion of the Cybersecurity Awareness e-training, employees will receive a certificate of completion. To access the e-training, click here to self-enroll in the course. Be sure to read all instructions before getting started.

Submit your certificate of completion in MyLSUA via the Mandatory Training Tracker.

For any questions about this training, send an email to

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