Room Reservations

Approved Usage

  1. LSUA activities
  2. LSUA sponsored or co-sponsored events
  3. LSUA affiliated events
  4. Government agency sponsored events (including all local, state, and federal agencies) & Other non-profit events
  5. Others: Non-governmental activities

*All LSUA activities, LSUA sponsored or co-sponsored events and LSUA affiliated events may use rooms at no charge, provided the events are educational in nature or for the betterment of faculty, staff or students.

Any educational activities must be coordinated through LSUA's Continuing Education Department. The phone number for this department is (318) 473-6495.


NameCapacityDaily RateNon-Profit RateBuilding
Bayou Robert Room50$300 Student Center
*Black Box Theater150$300$175MPAC
Brumfield Caffey Ballroom500$900 Student Center
Chorale Room50$300 MPAC
Coughlin Auditorium250$300 Nursing
LSUA Quad200$200 n/a
Magnolia Cafe260$500 Student Center
Middleton Conference Room15$200 Abrams
MPAC Lobby10$200 MPAC
Oakland Breezeway20$200 Oakland Hall
Pool30$500 Health & PE
Science Auditorium250$300 Science Building
Sentry Conference Room20$200 Student Center
Tennis Courts300$200 n/a
Union Patio50$200 Student Center
Walkway between Bookstore and Cafeteria20$200 Student Center
GYM300$500 Fitness Center
*Black Box Theater Rental Packages
non-profit organizations
  • two-week, four performance package at $725 - a total of 14 days.
  • An eight performance package would grant another week and would cost $1100.
  • Cost for a single week is $550;
  • $175 for a day
For profit rental
  • $850 per week
  • $300 per day
  1. Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the reserved date to avoid paying the full amount of the rental fee. Changes to setup must be made 2 days in advance or a late charge of $25 maybe charged.)
  2. Offices of the university shall have priority in the use of university facilities. Recognized student organizations, organizations of faculty and staff, and affiliated organizations shall have priority over non-university organizations in the use of available university facilities. Programs sponsored by university related organizations should have logical relationship to the purposes of the sponsoring organization. We can not guarantee rental of rooms to any off-campus organizations more than 2 months in advance.

Additional Information

  1. Premises or facilities for recreational purposes are primarily for the use of the students, members of the faculty and staff of the campus, or members of student and staff organizations recognized by the university. This use shall be limited to the hours scheduled for recreational use by the custodian of the space or facility and shall include adequate supervision in all instances. Use outside of the scheduled recreational use shall be by special request.
  2. The university shall be reimbursed for utilities, custodial, supervision, and other direct costs as determined by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, in all cases where use involves or is incidental to the collection of dues or fees and/or involves use outside of regular operating hours.
  3. The use of recreational facilities by non-LSUA groups may be permitted only with the sponsorship of an LSUA administrative unit or recognized student or campus organization and with insurance coverage as required by the State’s Office of Risk Management.
  4. Only the Chancellor shall grant use of recreational facilities by other individuals or groups. Request for such use must be made in writing. In all such cases, the university shall be reimbursed for all costs incidental thereto, including but not limited to utilities, janitorial and maintenance services, insurance, and supervision, as determined by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services.
  5. When cooking near buildings or building entrances please use the following guidelines:
    1. During weekdays, any group cooking outside building should setup their cooking function (tables, chairs, solicitation) no less than 10 feet from building entrances. However, if a BBQ - pit, fryer, crawfish boiler, or any other cooking equipment is used then that corresponding cooking equipment should be a minimum of 25 feet from the building entrance.
    2. During weekdays, no cooking should be held between the Cafeteria and Bookstore building due to the congestion that it causes.
  6. Pool use statement – A certified lifeguard must be on duty when the pool is in use. Before use of the pool will be approved the group using the pool must present a copy of the lifeguard certification card.
Please contact your current insurance provider to obtain the liability insurance policy required.