Faculty Senate

President: Melissa Whitley
Vice-President: Mary Kay Sunderhaus
Secretary: Michelle Riggs
Parliamentarian: Jennifer Innerarity


Resolutions of the Faculty Senate

Joint Resolution of the LSUA Faculty Senate and the Staff Senate
Supporting the continued Board of Regents funding of LOUIS,the Louisiana Library Network
Adopted 23 March 2011

Whereas access to library resources is critical to the mission of LSUA, and

Whereas LOUIS provides critical resources necessary to education, scholarship and community service by students, faculty, staff and administrators of LSUA, and

Whereas the loss of LOUIS resources would jeopardize SACS institutional and program accreditations at LSUA, and

Whereas LOUIS provided LSUA students, faculty,staff and administrators more than 160,000 separate uses of electronic databases, more than 3,500 ebooks through Netlibrary, and 180 uses of interlibrary loan (2009-2010 data),and

Whereas LOUIS provided a significant savings of $16 million to the taxpayers in 2010(providing $19 million in access for a cost of only $3.1 million), since its access is purchased through a consortium, demonstrating that Louisiana higher education can indeed “do more with less”,as the Governor is fond of saying,and

Whereas if Board of Regents funding for LOUIS is discontinued and the consortium disbanded, the cost for LSUA for access to the same resources would be $423,025.46, an impossibly high cost given the impending reductions in funding for LSUA, and

Therefore the Faculty Senate and the Staff Senate of Louisiana State University at Alexandria resolve that the Board of Regents retain its budgetary support for LOUIS, the Louisiana Library Network, as an essential resource for students, faculty, staff and administrators across the state of Louisiana.

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