HIP Seminars!

To enhance the academic experience and foster a vibrant university community, CORE has added four High Impact Practice Seminars to its catalog. These seminars are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, offering students valuable opportunities for experiential learning.

Interested in teaching a HIP Seminar? Apply at the link below:

HIPS application

Fall 2023 HIP Seminars


First Session

Shakespeare's Murder & Mayhem


HIPS Policy and Application Process

In order to enhance the academic experience and support a vibrant university community, CORE will offer one-credit academic seminars. These fun and engaging seminars will allow students to engage in various experiential learning activities.


  • Each course must meet 7 times for no less than 75 minutes. In addition, each course must have an external event (field trip, service learning, interviews) to account for the additional required seat time.
  • Each course will use a common syllabus to ensure the learning objectives are met.
  • Any faculty or staff can apply to teach a HIP seminar. Applicants must identify which designation their course should receive based on which area they are certified to teach in. See course descriptions below.
  • Each course will aim to have at least 8 students and will be capped at 12 students.

Application process

Applicants can apply to teach in the Fall or Spring semester for the academic year. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of 3 faculty members, 2 staff, and 6 current LSUA students. Applicant names will be removed prior to the committee members review. To apply, complete the following form: 



Selection Criteria

Priority will be given to courses that represent each of the categories to help provide balanced offerings. The top scoring applications in each category will be selected. A score of 1-5 will be given to each of the following categories.

  1. Creativity/Novelty - This course provides content in a new and creative way.
  2. Engagement/Fun - This course engages students in a fun way that encourages active participation.
  3. Communication - This course encourages communication skill development through writing and/or presentations.
  4. Cultural Experiences - This course provides students an opportunity to experience a new perspective or culture through travel, interviews, presentations, books, or experiences.
  5. Interest - How likely would you be to sign up for this class?

After courses are selected, they will be given to the appropriate dean for final approval to ensure that the topic and professor is appropriate for the selected designation. Each topic can only be offered one time per academic year. Professors will be notified of the selections. A stipend of $1000 will be paid for each term.


Second Session

World Percussion & Perspective


HIP Seminars - General Descriptions

HIPH 1001 - High Impact Humanities
HIPN 1001 - High Impact Natural Science
HIPS 1001 - High Impact Social Science
HIPT 1001 - High Impact Special Topic