Degree Programs and Concentrations

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Coaching, Health, and Physical Education

One of the newest programs at LSUA is the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Our dedicated professors teach a wide array of subjects including human anatomy, nutrition, principles of conditioning, motor learning, health, methods in coaching and teaching and much more. Kinesiology is the perfect field for anyone interested in teaching, sports, coaching, athletics, or health promotion. Courses are interactive and offer hands-on learning that align with content to be applied to internships, teaching residency, and employment upon graduation. Our professors hold the highest degrees possible in their respective field of study such as kinesiology pedagogy, health and physical education, exercise science, and sport management. This program provides students with a comprehensive foundation that includes core courses in health, conditioning principles, motor learning, and exercise physiology. Students have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in one of three areas including health and fitness, coaching, health and physical education, and sport management while preparing for employment in schools, athletics, wellness centers, and sport industries, and corporate wellness.

About the Program

Department: Education

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Coaching, Health, and Physical Education

Credits for Degree: 120

Coaching, Health, and Physical Education Concentration
The Health and Physical Education concentration is in the Kinesiology degree program which is housed in the School of Education. The health and physical education program prepare program participants for teacher certification (K-12). The concentration gives students a well-rounded background with hands-on experiences through preparation. Students completing the program will have a complete package of teaching options that include three disciplines – health, physical education, and coaching as well as three levels – elementary, middle, and high school. A new student in the kinesiology program will be able to graduate in four years by following an 8-semester plan with 120-hours for the degree.

Athletic Coach

A certified health and physical education teacher holds coaching credentials for middle school and high school. For coaches to help athletes improve their sport performance, it is important that they have a formal education in the kinesiology degree with a concentration in health and physical education. Loving a sport or being a former athlete is not enough to having a coaching career in high school. Coaches must be educated in physiology, coaching methods, motor learning, tests, measurements, mechanics, techniques, safety, and psychology. Not all teachers are prepared and qualified to be athletic coaches, so anyone who wants to be an athletic coach needs to be trained.

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are interventions to being physically active and healthy later in life, and this is the reason why physical educators have an essential role in the health of school-aged children. Physical education teachers are responsible for teaching correct technique so that children are equipped with the tools for movement in a variety of activities during recreation, sports, and lifelong activities.

The Health and Physical Education concentration will lead students to the traditional certification route while earning credit for all essential courses.  Students will explore the best practices for instruction, classroom management, lesson planning, and reflective teaching as they prepare to be highly effective teaching professionals.

Teaching is a mobile profession which means that teachers can relocate to another teaching position. A critical teacher shortage exists across the nation, so finding employment is highly likely.

Add-On Certifications – While working on the kinesiology degree with a concentration in health and physical education, individuals may choose to work on an add-on certification such as one or more of the following:
• Adapted Physical Education add-on
• Computer Literacy add-on
• English As a Second Language add-on
• Special Education add-on

Once an individual is certified in one area, the advantage is that certification in another area such as biology, chemistry, english, math or social studies is a possibility.

Possible Careers

  • Adventure/outdoor educator
  • Athletic coach (public or private school)
  • Group Fitness instructor
  • Health Teacher
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical education Teacher (public or private school)
  • Professional Sport Scout
  • Wellness Coach

Students can take prerequisites for medical, allied health, or professional programs for entry into graduate school or begin a career as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, or health coach.