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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry provides students with a comprehensive foundation that includes coursework in general, analytical, organic, physical, and advanced inorganic chemistry, as well as courses in instrumental analysis and biochemistry. Students may select a path that suits their own particular interests by concentrating in one of four areas including pre-professional, management, secondary education, and chemistry. Students will earn the knowledge needed to pursue a number of careers in the chemicals industry or seek admission to professional schools.

About the Program

Department: Chemistry & Physics

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Credits for Degree: 120


  • Chemistry Club

Possible Careers

  • Medical: doctor, dentist, pharmacist
  • Industrial chemist in: product development, technical sales and marketing, quality assurance, or management
  • Specialist: chemical health and safety, hazardous waste management, regulatory affairs, or environmental protection
  • Military, healthcare, or forensic scientist
  • Education: university professor or high school teacher

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