Louisiana State University at Alexandria completed a comprehensive strategic plan in 2001-2003 in preparation for its new role as a comprehensive baccalaureate university. New mission and vision statements and institutional goals were developed. The Strategic Plan developed in that effort was in effect for 2002-2004. In accordance with Policy Statement 225, the university conducted another round of strategic planning during the 2003-2004 and again in 2005-2006. The planning process called for the extension of the planning horizon to 2010. Accordingly, the Strategic Plan remained in effect until 2009, at which time the institution was to again gather its constituents, weigh its options, and envisioned a new, willed future for itself.

Chancellor David P. Manuel arrived at LSU Alexandria in the summer 2008 and in the fall 2008 he began an extensive consultation process with internal and external constituents, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, members of the LSU Alexandria Foundation Board of Directors, and numerous Central Louisiana business and community leaders. An outcome of these conversations and consultations was a clear consensus that while the existing Strategic Plan was adequate for the latter part of the first fifty years of the University’s history, it would be necessary to craft a new strategic plan.

In the spring 2009, Chancellor Manuel began a series of lengthy consultations with all organizational parts of LSU Alexandria. These included meetings with all faculty in every academic department, all professional staff in both academic and non-academic units, and all staff throughout the University. Numerous open forums were conducted with students on campus and with alumni, business and community leaders in Central Louisiana. Furthermore, the Chancellor consulted with every school superintendent in the Central Louisiana region. In all cases, the purpose of these consultations was to secure input on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges faced by LSUA. By the end of the spring semester these meetings were concluded.

A product of these extensive meetings was a comprehensive set of notes of all group meetings. Transcribed notations formed the basis of the emerging text, background and eventually the strategic plan. These notes were compared and distilled into themes that helped to form the context for the emerging strategic plan. During the summer 2009, these themes were distilled and began to form into specific goals and objectives that supported the themes. The draft strategic plan was prepared in anticipation of the return of faculty and staff at the beginning of the fall 2009 academic year. These goals and objectives were submitted to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the Planning Council, the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, the Student Government and all faculty and staff for additional consultation. Final comments were received by the Chancellor, revisions were incorporated and the final document, “LSU Alexandria 2009-2014: Launching the Next Fifty Years,” was submitted and approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors on December 11, 2009.