Louisiana State University of Alexandria - SPERO    


Special Program for the Enhancement of Resources and Opportunities
for Young People with Developmental Disabilities

LSUA’s SPERO program aims to bring hope to the lives of young people with developmental disabilities—by providing them with the resources and opportunities that will help them lead more independent lives and take up meaningful and rewarding employment in their communities. The program is largely funded through grants and donations.

SPERO Eligibility:

  • Young people from ages 18 to 28
  • Has an identified developmental disability
  • Has completed high school with a high-school diploma, career diploma, certificate of achievement or equivalent
  • Ineligible for regular college admission

SPERO Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Audit college-level classes
  • Attend special program classes designed to improve skills for daily life, interpersonal relations, and employment
  • Participate in on-campus events and activities
  • Receive vocational training on campus or at approved off-campus venues
If you would like to support SPERO financially, visit the LSUA Foundation's Giving Page at www.lsuafoundation.org/form.
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Brittany Soden
(318) 427-4475
SPERO is excited to welcome its inaugural Freshman class of 2022!