Transfer Credit Equivalency

Transfer Credit

This online Transfer Equivalency Guide is an unofficial reference. The equivalencies listed are subject to change. For example, course number, title, credits awarded, or course content changes can impact course equivalencies. Official transfer credit evaluations are completed ONLY after official transcripts are received. 

PLEASE NOTE: if your institution is not listed or a course you took is not listed, this does not mean it will not transfer, it means it has not been evaluated yet. 

  • The Left side of the page lists the transfer courses by subject in alphabetical order.
  • The Right side lists the course equivalency at LSUA. Please scroll down the page to display all courses.
  • Transfer Course:AC005:1998: The catalog year the course was evaluated is listed after the course in the Transfer course column. Courses with older effective terms are subject to review and may change. 
  • Elective Credit reflects lower level (TRAN 1***/2***) OR Subject Code (ENGL 1***/2***) - upper level (TRAN3***/4***) coursework or Subject Code (ENGL3***/4***).
  • Group code: All transfer courses with the same Group code must be taken to receive the equivalent LSUA course(s). example BIOL2083:2003-2006:A and BIOL2084:2003-2006:B
  • Quarter Credit: Transfer credits from institutions on a quarter system are converted to semester credits.

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Course Transfer Information

PLEASE NOTE: If a course is not listed, it will be reviewed by a transfer credit evaluator once we have received the official transcript(s). If your course is determined to be college-level coursework and is from an accredited institution it is eligible for transfer to LSUA. If you have concerns about whether your course is college-level, please direct your questions to If course credits are not displayed, the number of course credits from the transferring institution may vary, impacting the number of credits awarded at LSUA.

An official transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions from each regionally accredited college or university attended. This academic information will be used to determine the transfer of credits. A final official transcript must be received in the Office of Admissions by the 1st day of class the first term of attendance. If the college or university participates in secure electronic transmission of official transcripts, the transcripts should be sent to:
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