GEM Tuition and Fees

Students taking courses through the GEM program are not degree seeking students with LSUA.  While taking GEM classes as visiting students the tuition and fees that apply fall under either Resident fees or Non-Resident fees.

GEM students can be classified as LA Residents if they meet one of the following:

  1. Currently reside in LA
  2. Are stationed in LA
  3. Were a LA resident prior to enlisting
If one of these conditions do not apply, then GEM students will pay the non-resident tuition for the courses under that program.
IMPORTANT: Once a student is able to be a degree seeking student with LSUA, they can choose to declare a 100% online degree program and no longer have to pay out of state fees (non-resident tuition). We encourage you to complete your Associate Degree at CCAF.
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LSUA Tuition and Fees