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LSUA Generals Briefing - Chancellor's Report

LSUA Generals Briefing

The Generals Briefing is an editorial summary of the university's recent performance, progress, and achievements.

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LSUA The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf is a multi-disciplinary journal featuring undergraduate research, reviews, and theoretical articles by LSUA students.

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LSUA Jongleur

The Jongleur

The Jongleur is an annual magazine featuring student work and creativity. This long-standing publication showcases a curated selection of the best work from LSUA's creative...

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LSUA Cenla Economic Dashboard

Cenla Economic Dashboard

Each month, the LSUA College of Business reports on the economic trends of central Louisiana with information including sales, housing, labor, taxes, and much more.

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LSUA Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Contest

Flash Fiction is an academic competition hosted by the LSUA Department of English & Humanities that showcases outstanding written works by LSUA students.

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This section curates esteemed LSUA publications, including the Annual Magazine, Chancellor's Quarterly Report, The Oak Leaf, and other scholarly works. Each publication presents valuable insights into the latest happenings at LSUA, from student and faculty achievements to executive reports. These publications are a testament to LSUA's commitment to fostering academic excellence and informing the community about university developments.

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