Mission Statement

The mission of CORE is to establish services and programs which support students as they pursue activities of inquiry, creativity, scholarship, and research. CORE services and programs promote holistic student development across all disciplines by incorporating inclusive mentorship and engaging instruction.

CORE Goals

  1. Create OPPORTUNITIES for students to engage in meaningful activities that promote student growth and development
  2. Promote and communicate the RESEARCH being done at LSUA
  3. Engage students in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
The Oak Leaf

LSUA-TheOakLeaf-Logo-Vertical-01This undergraduate journal of teaching and research is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal designed to acknowledge the achievements of LSUA undergraduate students. We also welcome submissions from the wider community.

Editor in Chief - Christof Stumpf





Michael Waller
Michael Waller MLIS
Systems Administration Librarian
James C. Bolton Library
Bolton Library - 214
Christof Stumpf
Christof Stumpf Ph.D.
Biological Sciences
Science Building - 105
Jessica Ringo
Jessica Ringo Ph.D.
Chair, Chemistry and Physics & Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry & Physics
Science Building - 229
(318) 473-6517
Purujit Gurjar
Purujit Gurjar Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry & Physics
Science Building - 228
(318) 619-2969
Cheryl Bardales M.Ed, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Science Building - 103
(318) 473-6518