Tips for Success


How Much Time is Required?

Successful college students are expected (as a general rule) to spend 2 - 3 hours outside of class studying for every hour they are in class.  This means for an on campus class of 3 credit hours, students should spend 6 - 9 hours per week with the content.

Online classes are just as rigorous as on campus classes.  Students will need to be self-motivated and not procrastinate. Some classes will take longer to 'get it'.  All students learn differently, so find what works best for you and set aside enough time each week to work on your classes.  You can do this!  We are here to help!


Tips for Success in Online Classes (or any college class)

  1. Read the syllabus thoroughly and note any due dates for assignments and exams.
  2. Re-read the syllabus. Information in this document is critical. Print it out and keep it handy.
  3. Ask questions directly and immediately if you do not understand the instructions or due dates for assignments.
  4. Organize your time in a way that allows you to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete assignments.
  5. Keep up with when assignments are due and submit them on time or early.
  6. Technical problems related to your computer connections or equipment cannot be used as an excuse for failure to complete assignments or to participate online. If you have a technical problem, have a backup plan to stay current with your coursework.  Colleges, libraries, friends, relatives or neighbors are just some of the options for backup connections.
  7. Report technical problems with your course login, campus email, or or LSUA service to the LSUA Helpdesk or Distance Learning immediately. File a helpdesk ticket or call 318-473-6421.  You can contact distance learning at - indicate your name, the course(s) you are taking and the problem you are having.  Never email your social security number and never give your password to anyone.
  8. Participate in online discussions (if required) by reading and responding respectfully to your classmates and instructor. Participation is often required and may count toward your grade.
  9. Participate in group projects or activities as required. Your contributions to the group (or class) are a valuable part of the learning process for all involved.
  10. Log in to your online class at least 3 - 5 days per week.  Work on content, assignments, and studying every week.

    Adapted with permission from Participation Contract developed by Professor Tani McBeth, provided by 2014 MarylandOnline