Title Description
P.M. 73 Sex and Gender-Based Harassment and Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Download
237 KB
P.S. 201 Coordination of Continuing Education Programs. Download
23 KB
P.S. 202 Selection, Retention, Promotion, Tenure, and Annual Review and Termination of Full-Time Faculty Download
711 KB
P.S. 202(B) Promotion and Tenure of Full-Time Faculty Download
308 KB
270 KB
P.S. 204 Building Use and Rental Policy Download
65 KB
P.S. 205 Fiscal Policy Relating to Non-credit Courses and Other Continuing Education Activities Download
23 KB
P.S. 206 Student Class Attendance Policy Download
13 KB
P.S. 207 Student Grievance Procedure Download
73 KB
P.S. 208 Guidelines for Conducting Off-campus Offerings Download
10 KB
P.S. 209 Faculty Workload Policy (previously Teaching Load Policy). P.S.238 (Faculty Workloads) has been incorporated in P.S. 209 Download
413 KB
P.S. 210 Minimum Class Size Download
36 KB
P.S. 211 Salary Scale for Part-time Faculty Download
83 KB
P.S. 212 Leave Policies and Procedures Download
273 KB
P.S. 213 Professional Expectations For Faculty Download
102 KB
P.S. 214 Environmental Health and Cleanliness in Teaching Facilities Download
6 KB
P.S. 215 Policy Concerning Student Publications Download
28 KB
P.S. 216 Copyright Laws Download
55 KB
P.S. 217 Privacy Rights of Students (Buckley Amendment) Download
168 KB
P.S. 218 Grades and Grading Download
11 KB
P.S. 219 Policy for Submission of Applications for External Funding Download
72 KB
P.S. 220 Procedures for Dealing with Financial Exigency Download
38 KB
P.S. 221 Publication Review Download
6 KB
P.S. 222 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Download
11 KB
P.S. 225 Planning and Assessment Download
61 KB
P.S. 226 Advertising, Soliciting and Selling on Campus Download
8 KB
P.S. 227 Illegal Use of Drugs or Alcohol Download
104 KB
P.S. 228 Code of Student Conduct Download
441 KB
P.S. 229 Use of University Funds for Entertainment Download
13 KB
P.S. 230 Policy for Persons with Disabilities Download
110 KB
P.S. 231 Faculty Office Hours Download
787 KB
P.S. 232 Competency in Written and Oral Communication Download
37 KB
P.S. 233 Part-time Faculty Download
40 KB
P.S. 234 Fundraising Download
576 KB
P.S. 235 Endowed Professorships Download
2558 KB
P.S. 236 Annual Faculty and Non-classified Salary Evaluation Download
1277 KB
P.S. 237 Computing Resources and Priorities for Use Download
9 KB
P.S. 239 Guidelines for Student Organizations Download
58 KB
P.S. 240 Guidelines for Syllabi Preparation Download
118 KB
P.S. 241 Maintenance and Retention of Student Educational and Financial Records Download
8 KB
P.S. 242 Policy for Students with Disabilities Download
27 KB
P.S. 243 Survey Administration Download
9 KB
P.S. 244 Computer Software Management Download
8 KB
P.S. 245 Duties, Responsibilities, Compensation and Teaching Loads for Academic Department Chairs Download
75 KB
P.S. 246 Faculty Participation in Commencement Download
85 KB
P.S. 248 Duties, Responsibilities, Compensation and Teaching Loads for Academic Deans Download
25 KB
P.S. 249 Administrative Appointments Download
22 KB
P.S. 250 Network and Email Password Policy Download
181 KB
P.S. 251 Guidelines for Student Activities Download
18 KB
P.S. 252 Preparation of Master Course Outlines Download
139 KB
P.S. 253 Policy Concerning Technical Resources Download
1242 KB
P.S. 254 Student Service Philosophy Download
520 KB
P.S. 255 University Art Collection Download
17 KB
P.S. 257 Key Control Download
62 KB
P.S. 258 Driver Safety Program/Fleet Vehicle Policy Download
389 KB
P.S. 259 Bonds, Crime, Property, and Security Policy Download
107 KB
P.S. 260 Blood Borne Pathogen/First Aid Policy Download
1651 KB
P.S. 261 Property Control/Purchasing Download
57 KB
P.S. 262 Equipment Management Program and Policy Download
64 KB
P.S. 263 Personal Protective Equipment Policy Download
1038 KB
P.S. 266 Substantive Change Policy Download
94 KB
P.S. 267 Intellectual Property Policy Download
8 KB
348 KB
P.S. 269 Policy Review Download
88 KB
P.S. 270 Facilities and Administrative Costs Rebate Procedure Download
154 KB
P.S. 271 Faculty Emeritus Download
84 KB
P.S. 272 Tobacco Free Campus Download
95 KB
P.S. 273 Definition of a Credit Hour Download
11 KB
P.S. 274 Distance Education Download
488 KB
P.S. 275 LSUA International Student Airport Transportation Download
86 KB
P.S. 276 Official Employee Records For Former Employees Download
78 KB
P.S. 277 Return to Work Policy for Employees on Workers’ Compensation Download
121 KB
P.S. 278 Grievance Procedure Download
44 KB
P.S. 279 Violence Free Workplace Download
92 KB
P.S. 280 Eminent Scholar Chairs Download
1091 KB
P.S. 281 Freedom of Speech and Expression Download
1600 KB
P.S. 282 Administration of Scholarships & Exemptions Policy Download
2727 KB
P.S. 283 LSUA Crowdfunding Policy Download
299 KB
P.S. 284 Privacy Policies and Procedures for Students Enrolled in Distance Education Courses and Programs Download
124 KB