LSUA Student Government Association

Monical Aquilera-2Welcome to our growing campus!!

Student Government is charged with representing and serving each member of our student body. Our purpose is to speak for the students to our campus, system, and state administrators. Our abilities include providing student and organizations relief, drafting formal resolutions on campus issues, and hosting events during the academic year.

As your Student Body President, it is my responsibility to organize and employ our resources to most effectively meet the interests of all of you. I welcome any ideas you may have for campus and any needs you may have for any organization or problem you may find yourself in.

As you continue the pursuit of your education, remember that Student Government is here to assist you in any way we can. We need your input and involvement so we can all make LSUA a university to be proud of. Welcome to your campus and Geaux Generals!!

Monica Aguilera, President
Louisiana State University of Alexandria Student Government



LSUA Student Government
How to find us:

The SG Offices are in the Student Union, across the sidewalk from the student bookstore. 

Office Hours:

We have classes and meetings, so our hours aren't guaranteed. Yet during the afternoon hours there's almost always someone here. If we're in the office, come see us! 

Also, you can email us at