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Louisiana State University of Alexandria and Louisiana State University Announce New Pre-Engineering Program

May 10, 2024, 10:17 AM
In a bid to streamline access to engineering education, Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA) and Louisiana State University (LSU)...

ALEXANDRIA - In a bid to streamline access to engineering education, Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA) and Louisiana State University (LSU) are delighted to unveil a new educational partnership. This collaboration allows students to begin studying engineering at LSUA and then seamlessly transfer to LSU to complete their bachelor’s degree. This agreement ensures students can complete pre-engineering coursework and earn an Associate of Science (AS) at LSUA before pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Industrial Engineering at LSU.

The partnership is crafted to provide a cohesive academic trajectory for students, fostering an environment where they can successfully achieve their educational goals through well-structured coursework and advising. By spending the first two years at LSUA, students can take foundational courses locally before transferring to LSU for three additional years of specialized engineering studies.

Paul Coreil, Chancellor of LSUA, stated, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to expanding educational opportunities for Central Louisiana students interested in engineering careers. By collaborating with LSU, we ensure area students have access to outstanding engineering programs after starting their university education close to home.”

“I am pleased to sign this MOU today, which not only strengthens our bond with LSUA but also allows us to keep outstanding students in the state of Louisiana and the LSU family,” said LSU Executive Vice President & Provost Roy Haggerty.

Admission Requirements and Program Details
To qualify for transfer to LSU, students must meet several criteria, including completing at least 30 transferable academic credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and required credits in college-level Math and English. Additionally, students must complete 36-core Pre-Engineering courses or achieve a 60-hour Associate of Science degree to transition into the engineering majors offered at LSU.

Upon successfully completing the necessary coursework at LSUA with a qualifying GPA, students will be admitted to LSU as sophomores in one of the specified engineering majors. This structured pathway is designed to facilitate a smooth transition and promote academic success across both campuses.

Roy O. Martin, III,  President, CEO, and CFO of Martin Sustainable Resources, and host of the MOU-signing event, noted his eagerness to hire engineers with both associate and bachelor’s degrees. As a graduate of LSU and a financial supporter of both LSU and LSUA, Roy expressed his joy in knowing that the System is finding ways to work together to provide educational opportunities across the state to meet critical workforce needs.

This strategic alliance marks a significant step in enhancing the educational offerings and collaborative efforts between LSUA and LSU, ensuring that students have the resources and guidance necessary to thrive in their chosen fields. For more information on the program and application details, please visit


Written by Adam Lord
Photo credit - Nathan Parish
Image [L-R] - Elizabeth Beard (LSUA Provost), Paul Coreil (LSUA Chancellor), Roy Haggerty (LSU Provost), Karsten Thompson (LSU Interim Dean of Engineering)