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LSUA Celebrates Academic Excellence at Scholar Day 2024

May 9, 2024, 08:34 AM
LSUA held its 6th annual Scholar Day last week with 140 undergraduate research presentations. This year’s event saw an impressive...

ALEXANDRIA - LSUA held its 6th annual Scholar Day last week with 140 undergraduate research presentations. This year’s event saw an impressive turnout and participation from the university community, highlighting the depth of research and academic excellence cultivated at LSUA, the fastest growing and most affordable university in Louisiana.

Scholar Day 2024 featured 140 participating students from various disciplines presenting 84 posters and 37 oral presentations. In addition to student presentations, six faculty members presented their scholarly work during lunch-and-learn sessions, offering further learning opportunities and fostering an interactive academic environment. The event was supported by 77 faculty and staff members who served as mentors and judges.

32 awards recognizing excellence across 14 disciplines were distributed to celebrate academic achievements and scholarly pursuits. These awards underscored the high caliber of work produced by students and the university’s dedication to honoring outstanding academic contributions.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Outstanding Research Mentor Award to Dr. Zeb Bell, who has made significant contributions to student research and academic success at LSUA. Dr. Bell’s commitment to mentorship and research excellence has left a lasting impact on his students and colleagues alike.

As LSUA looks to the future, Scholar Day will continue to serve as a cornerstone for showcasing student research and fostering an environment of learning and discovery. The university remains dedicated to expanding these opportunities, further enhancing the academic experience and success of its students.

The winners for Outstanding Poster Presentations were:

  • Accounting and Finance - Abbi Addison, Theodore Vicknair, Anna Gautreaux, and Shelby Stout (group)
  • Biological Sciences - Kassidy Tucker
  • Career Services - Pauline Gockeritz and Manuel Concetti (group)
  • Chemistry - Breanna McDowell
  • Education - Amy Moon, Katie McBride
  • English, History, & Humanities - Quo-Morah Hawkins, Madelynn Dunn, Tyler Escobio
  • Kinesiology - Gage Colligan
  • Marketing & Management - Joshua Pruitt
  • Mathematics & Computer Science - Sage Bordelon
  • Nursing - Carmen Guillot, Cassandra Lemmons, Erica Lee, Jacob Seeling, Stephanie Perez, Hailey Martinez
  • Psychology - Lilyan Saucier, Riely Laird

The winners for Outstanding Oral Presentation were:

  • Accounting & Finance - Max Mallach
  • Allied Health - Adeline Free
  • Biological Sciences - Amani Gray
  • Communication, Languages, & Arts - Rylee Dubose
  • Criminal Justice, Political Science, & Disaster Science - Tanek Mouser
  • Education - Emily Vidrine
  • English, History, & Humanities - Ashlynn Salazar
  • Kinesiology - John Voiselle, Seth Trahan
  • Mathematics & Computer Science - Jabriel Alshehabi
  • Psychology - Candis Iglinsky

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Written by Ashley Robinson and Cheryl Bardales
Photo credit - LSUA Division of Strategic Communications